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Oven Cleaning Battersea

oven_cleaningIf the oven in your kitchen needs deep sanitising after a dinner gathering, guests or to keep it clean, you can use our professional services. The cleaners in our company carry out effective sanitising of the internal and external areas in cooking appliances, their doors and removable components.

Take advantage of the high-quality oven cleaning services which we offer in Battersea and you will be pleased with the end results. The work of our cleaning technicians is effective, safe and ensures full removal of greasy marks, burnt food and odours from electric, gas, range and other kinds of ovens.

Kitchen Cleaning Prices
Single Oven Cleaning £60
Double Oven Cleaning £79

Professional Oven Cleaning Services Battersea

You can use the services which we offer to keep the cooking appliances in your kitchen and restaurant in perfect condition. They include:

  • Inspection of the appliance and dismantling its removable parts
  • Soaking some components in heated cleaning solution after hand cleaning them
  • Using effective degreasers and preparations for scrubbing burnt food and stains
  • Sanitising inside and out the oven
  • Cleaning hobs, door, glass panels and knobs
  • Rinsing the soaked and cleaned detachable parts and wiping them dry

Our cleaning technicians use special dip tanks mounted in their vans to soak and dissolve grease, carbon deposits and dirt from electric, gas, range and other ovens. They soak the removable parts of the appliance and ensure its better degreasing. The work of our staff starts with inspection.

“Last week we used the oven cleaning services of this company and they restored the cooking appliance in our home. The cleaner dismantled some of the oven parts and sanitised the rest of the surfaces with suitable preparations. We are very pleased with the results of the cleaning work. – Thomas”

Affordable Oven Cleaners in SW11

oven_cleaning1Then, our cleaners carry out soaking the detachable parts, wiping and scrubbing the internal surfaces of the appliance, its body, hobs, glass panels, oven door and knobs. Our oven cleaning services are available in SW11 and in the surrounding areas.

You can book our cleaning services after parties, special events, guest gatherings and for maintenance of your kitchen appliances. Greasy marks, stains and food leftovers will not only slow down the performance of your oven, but spoil the taste of the cooked meals by mixing the smells. The appliance needs more electricity power to heat if it hasn’t been cleaned which will increase you bill. Use our oven cleaning services provided within Battersea, SW11 at competitive rates.